RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2018


Are you ready for the 2018 Holy Ghost congress: “Glory Ahead?”

5,4,3,2.., It’s almost here! The countdown to the annual Holy Ghost Congress of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has begun. It comes up on 3rd to 8th December 2018.

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The event themed “Glory Ahead” serves as a time of reflection in every sphere of life. You have gotten weapons to be STRONGER THAN YOUR ENEMIES and to have DOMINION as regards fulfilling purpose through being INDOMITABLE.

What’s next?

Securing your Glory Ahead by walking into the manifestation of the words of your Heavenly Father coming from His Throne of Grace through His son, Pastor E.A. Adeboye. You need this Glory to draw more souls to Christ (the great commission), to fulfill your God-given purpose and most importantly, to secure your mansion in heaven.

Here’s a must-have list for your one week stay on camp. Yes!, your needs may vary but you have to remember these things!

To start with;

Spiritual needs

As much as it is a camp and it will be fun, you must not forget that it is a time of fellowship and learning more about God, so you’ll need:

1. An open mind: Every session is important, you don’t want the word meant for you to catch you unawares.

rccg holy ghost congress 2

2. Expectations: Come with expectations, if possible write it down as a list. There will be morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Identify with the session that best addresses your needs and participate prayerfully, attentively and effectively. Your expectations shall not be cut short.

rcch holy ghost congress 3

3. Hard copy Bible and notepads: Just in case your soft copies fail, you never can tell.

General needs

1. Money and ATM card: it’s important that you have enough money (can money ever be enough?). Ensure you come loaded so as not to get stranded.

rccg holy ghost congress 4

2. Beverages and Cereals. You’re highly advised not to forget “Garri” when coming for the Holy Ghost Congress. And don’t forget the cup and spoon to see it through.

rccg holy ghost congress 6

3. Comfortable Clothing: these include warm clothes, hat/scarfs, socks( very important, if you don’t want your feet dusty), clothes for cold nights: sweater, sweatshirt, hoodie, and your underwear. Having extra is just an added advantage. Make Sure you come looking good.

4. Shoes: get you a comfortable and strong shoe to match all your dressy outfits to reduce load and avoid looking for a shoe repairer. Get flip flops (for the bathroom) and rock a croc!

5. Gadgets; this is for the sake of company, As much as your earpiece is important never ever forget to take the charger for all your gadgets along with you (the feeling is unexplainable when you forget). An extra can be a power bank!

rccg holy ghost congress 7

6. Toiletries and personal items: for the ladies, this can be a lot. They include; toothbrush/toothpaste, body wash, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, Brush or comb, Lip balm, tissues and towels (body and face).

rccg holy ghost congress 5

7. Nose mask: Campground can be really dusty, therefore a nose mask is needed.

8. Bedding: a bedspread and mosquito net is a must-have, a neck pillow (if you have neck issues)

Other needs could include:

1. Medication: You might be far away from the medical center, therefore, mini first aid box, bug repellent, inhaler, painkillers (for cramps and the likes) must come handy.

2. The remaining suggestions like sunglasses, bowl, and spoon, cameras are only important if:
a. You don’t like the sun in your eyes or you want to hide your eyes from ushers while dozing during service (not advisable with the new regime of ushers).
b. You like a big container and spoon just to avoid stories that touch.

rccg holy ghost congress 8

c. You know you like taking pictures and your phone can only take one picture before shutting down.


I hope you find this list helpful.

What else would you add to the list?


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