The Gemini Seed.

Dear diary I would tag this entry #TheGeminiSeed.

The zodiac sign Gemini is all about, twins or better put having 2 sides. I have recently discovered that on a quest to be a perfect example to people around me as well as attend to all of my responsibilities, I end up creating this other self-personality, one that is a composition of what is expected and neglects qualities of the true me. I, with time, began to get accustomed to this new personality and all things seemed to run smoothly, but I sensed something was totally missing.  I mean; I happen to be a person that loves to play, make friends and judge not. Right now some of these ingredients that make up my identity are being questioned either by society, religion and/or family. I totally cherish the concept of “there is a room for growth”, still, a tree can never emanate without a seed and all seeds are a composition of relevant foundational qualities that are required to ensure the proper outturn of a fruit.

I guess all I am trying to say is; yes I am subject to growth but this is farfetched if there are no unique qualities that make up my composition. The basic thing I think my and our lives as seeds require is to be fine-tuned by the Potter Himself and not by the definitions of the spheres around us.

You see, I learnt that my definition is a composition of whom I am and some of who I make myself to be, thereby, I chose to make myself what God refines me to be.


I say No to:

Society says: Be yourself

Society says: Not like that.

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