Success through the back door.

Success means the achievement of one’s aim or goals, and it can be obtained either by going through the front door or going through the back door.

Viewing from the perspective of Nigerian youths, we see that every youth wants to make it big, become successful if not prominent, but, not everyone has the opportunity. This is one of the reasons why we see youths attempting to accomplish success through indirect means especially when direct means are provided. For example, ponzi schemes, human trafficking, Internet fraud (also referred to as yahoo yahoo), and many more.

We see that the rate at which people chase after education is aggravating because, we believe that when you are educated, the road to success becomes easier. But, that theory has been proven wrong, since most of the educated youths don’t get employment opportunities after they graduate. This also seems to be one of the reasons why they go through the back door.

We keep advising youths to change, to repent but what are the arrangements being made to encourage?
We see them partake of these illegal acts but can we really blame them?, we tell them it’s not the right way, it’s not lawful but, the truth is, they already know it’s not right but must most of them believe they do not have a choice if ends meet must be met, they believe it’s the only way if they have a survive.
After several years in school, paying fees and dues, burning candles and fuel just to make sure they at least graduate. Serving their country,under the rain and under the sun and yet having nothing to show for it. They go out seeking employment only to be told that there are no vacancies. We say youths are the leaders of tomorrow but   what foundations are being layed  for their future?Everyone one, no matter how young has a dream of being successful, but not everyone has the opportunity and the privilege, this is why there will always be an option for people to go through the back door instead of waiting for God’s appointed time. So the question now is, can the concept of going *through the back door* truly be disposed as a last option?

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