THE VOW 14/11/2017 (diary of a seed)

Dear diary,

I wish i can check on you everyday but No i cant, duties will not permit. Just keep my record today, because it is a vow , so that you be a reminder when am going astray.

Entry tag: #theVow

  • I would no longer settle for false companionship.
  • No more flirting with the notion of being the sweetest cherry there is to be offered, thereby letting me out to everyone that wished to have a taste.
  • I refuse to live in accordance to the prescription of others neither follow the principles of my bare heart. I would rather seek HIS will and follow, clinging to Him wholly and completely.

To comprehend the future, knowledge of the past is required.

I, growing up, knew I was and still am beautiful, I mean; I still have admirers to prove the thesis. As my beauty blossomed so did my suitors increased. I got carried away with all of these and got entangled with strange affairs thinking I was living the utmost life.  I had lots of dates like trying out clothes in a boutique, masked my true essence with a colon of deceit. At this, my ideology on God’s rightful will for me was based on how I felt.

Life took its spin and I got stock in a relationship I knew wasn’t just right. I knew he wasn’t you because -In the beginning was the Word- but he didn’t even sound or shine like Christ.  All became fragmented, my consciousness of physical appearance vaporized, I became a stranger to my own self.

There in the dryness, I heard your voice, still yet promising; asking me to take your outstretched hand, “let go of the driving wheel” you said. I in compliance saw that which appeared impossible dissolve without a struggle, my freedom was restored and I sang of the victory. Then I realized that my liberation was not of my capacity, it is only wise to hold unto that who is capable, for only in Him is my path straightened.bye for now.



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