Day 2 Holy Ghost Congress 2017

Day 2 of Songs of Victory
Ministering : Daddy G O
I know that I know that this is my
Topic : victory over sickness and disease
 Text : Exodus 15:26
When we were younger , there is a song we use to sing and I will encourage some of us to sing it
“My head , my shoulder , my knees and toe  3ce
They all belong to Jesus ”  at least 3 times
Before u leave here today the doctors report concerning u will be turned
The reason for singing that song which is a song of victory is because God is interested also in your body alongside ur spirit and soul
1st Thessalonians 5:3
Romans 12:-1
It says Present ur body not ur spirit or soul
In 1st Corinthians 6:19.. says ur body . God is keenly interested in ur body . The devil rejoices when he hears u can do anything with ur body .
the reason why many Christians  are sick is that they didn’t know the body is d property of God
My head , shoulder , knees and toe , all the way belongs to jesus
This leashes us with responsibilities
U ave to be careful with what junk u give it , be careful how U use it , it’s his temple
10 reasons I believe u will leave this place completely whole today
1. He created u as in Isaiah 64:8 he is d potter u are d clay . In  genesis 1:26-31. When he made U , he made u very good . David said am wonderfully and fearfully made  . Am an Excellent work , if there is anything wrong he will repair it in Luke 6:6-10 for d withered hand just one word fixed  it ,, if there is any part of u withered , he will heal u of it tonight Jeremiah 8:3-4    in d name  of the one above , u will leave this place brand new . Testimony of a son given birth abroad but that can not defecate which needs operation . Rather than operate they started. Singing and before long d boy defecated . God will do ur own from here now
2. suppose the problem is in d family line . Long before scientist , the Africans knew there are genetically influenced diseases . Like leprosy , madness . God can handle ur family because he made them too John 1:1,3 , Jeremiah 1:4-5 psalm 90:1-2 he was  there before foundation . If ur problems is common to ur family congratulations ,, because U are now in d family of God . Even if your problem is genetical, he will make u whole ..any thing the lord did not plant in ur body or in ur family line , the lord will heal u tonite
3. He can handle cases beyond medicine .. the lord shared something with me recently that shocked me , he said am not a doctors , I am a healer . The lord who can heal doctors will heal u tonight Jeremiah 42:7. In d name above every name , ur own will not be difficult for him . They can teach about  anatomy , blood in medicine but they don’t teach anointing .  mark 5:25-34  when. Doctors  fail , there is s healer that does not fail . He will heal u tonight.. I pray for u who are not sick  , u will not be sick again , I pray for everyone weather u ave  known or unknown sickness ,the healer will heal u in jesus name
4. What if the problem is as a result of my sin psalm 107:7-20.. suppose am sick because of my sin , suppose u are hiv positive because of formication   He is still the savior . Mattew 1:21, 1st John 1:27 .. he will forgive first then heal u mark 2:1-12. Testimony of woman blessed with 5 children with lost womb due to early abortion was shared . I decree everything u ave lost will be recovered
5.  I know he is sovereign Psalm 115:3. He can heal one or two and go like John 5:2-9 but he is also gracious, psalm 86:15 says he is full in compassion . Lamentation 3:22-23 that we are still alive is for  his mercy  in mark 1:40-44 he had compassion on d leaper.  . I decree tonight every thing wrong with you shall be put right
6. He still hears prayers and still answers prayers psalm 65:2. And Jeremiah 33:3  he can hear Ephesians 3:20, he can answer ,he will  heal mark 10:46-52 bathelomew  cried and he heard , and  because he heard he answered and healed him . He will hear u , answer u  and heal u tonight
7. He needs u to serve him Mattew 8:14-15 , when he Entered  Peters house,  his mother inlaw was down  with fever , he healed her .and she ran to cook for him …everything that won’t allow u to serve God , he will heal u of it mark 1:40-45 he will heal u to become a testimony John 9:1-7 God cannot be glorified in ur sickness .  When he heals u tonight the whole world will hear about it  and they will glorify him Isaiah 38:18-19,? He told God , the dead cannot praise u ,,I decree tonight ur appointment with death is canceled . On behalf of everyone of u committed  to serving my God I say no more death . I refuse for u to die . Every prophecy concerning death I cancel it tonight . I decree for the rest of your life u won’t know sickness
8. I know some of u has been disappointed  before but I say not today John 5:2-9 d man was disappointed  for 38 years psalm 102:13 . Lift ur hands to God and say my time has come .. I say ur time has come .. I say in d mighty name of Jesus ur time has come . Even if devil like it or not ur time has come
9. Ur faith may not be enough but don’t worry we will join our faith with urs Mattew 18:19.. we are more than two  here .  We will join our faith with urs ., no Mattew our little faith might be .. in mark 2:1-12.. four people helped him . They refuse to let go despite no way by d door .. he is going to see our faith and in d mighty name of jesus he will honor our faith . That merciful God will heal u tonight
10. Weather u believe it or not God still loves u John 15:13 . He loves u and in John 11:1-7 he sees that he heals the person . In d mighty name of Jesus because of the love for u by tomorrow u will he singing a new song , John 3:16 loves u here again and that  includes u in Romans 8:32 what else can he not freely gives that includes healing .. my daddy says he will do here what he has never done before .    Am sure because he told me so during my prayer walk .
Pls let’s make assurance sure first ., if u want to give your life to jesus ..this will be a special night for healing .. please come out …,,
Prayer points
1. father , thank you for loving me
2. Almighty healer prove urself in my life tonite
3. Father , just have mercy on me
4. Father , my body is yours , every plant you have not planted in this body , uproot it tonight .. every germ , sickness , disease u ave not planted uproot it tonight
5. Father , whatever needs to be repaired. In my body repair it tonight . Whatever cannot be repaired , replace it tonight
6. Father , I am in total agreement with all My neighbors  tonight , father heal them all
7. Father , Give tonight brand new wombs , brand new brains , brand new eyes ,brand new kidneys and other brand new organs

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