5 Places To Get Quality And Affordable Meals At The Redemption Camp

It is another Holy Ghost Congress at the RCCG Redemption camp and this year’s edition is
tagged ‘Glory Ahead’. As expected, many people are trooping in from different parts of the
country for the annual programme. Coming for a programme like this, it is important to know where to eat and what it costs to eat at such places. Hence, while you are still thinking of where and what, here are few restaurants you can visit to get value for your money.

5 Places To Get Quality Meals At The Redemption Camp

Mimi’s Cafe

Popular on RHS road is Mimi’s cafe. Equipped with modern relaxation facilities, Mimi’s
offers some of the best snacks and meals on Redemption Camp. The food is served to your
taste with a sitting environment that permits you to watch TV and play snooker while you eat or rest. With N1, 000, you are sure to get maximum satisfaction at Mimi’s Cafe.


Kings Restaurant

No one talks about restaurants on Redemption Camp without mentioning Kings Restaurant. Kings is opposite Queen Esther hall, just before Holiness road. One thing peculiar about Kings is their special Ofada sauce and their Moi moi. It can be served in ready-to-eat plates and take away packs. N700 is sure to give you a taste of Kings.


Just beside Kings is Tantalizers; they offer a wide range of meals from local to continental
dishes. The environment provides a relaxed environment where you can sit and enjoy your
meal for as low as N500.

Shalom Restaurant

Shalom restaurant is another place to get the best of meals on Redemption Camp. One thing many people love about Shalom is that asides the eating room inside, there is also an open space outside made available to sit and eat. Interestingly, going to shalom with just N500 in your pocket will guarantee you a nice meal. Shalom is located on the , just beside the camp electronics office.

Bethel Restaurant.

Even while you are on camp, there is a restaurant that gives you a 3 star experience for your dinning pleasure. Bethel restaurant carries this feature in every way, from start to finish. Offering a calm and closed environment for private dinners, Bethel leaves you coming for more. Spending between N1, 500 to N2, 500, lunch at Bethel would be worth the pay. Presented with several options of where to eat and how much to pay, your stay at the 2018 Holy Ghost Congress would be void of hunger, thereby increasing your appetite for nourishing meals.