Annual Youth Convention day 3

2017 Annual Youth and Young Adult Convention Day 3
Date: 4th October 2017
Ministering: Kemi Ajumobi
Topic: Innovation, Invention, and creativity
When you’re creative with your ideas, God will place you before countless opportunities.
Your creative abilities mark you out for greatness. Proverb 8:16.
When you make the Lord your anchor, He positions you for favor in places you don’t expect.
How to be creative
1. Win souls
2. Be prepared. Ephesian 2:10, Proverb 10:9
3. Have integrity, be accountable.
4. Be willing to have positive change. Room 12:2
5. Be patient. Psalms 20:1
6. Ask questions. Matthew 7:7
Afternoon Wednesday
Pastor (Barr.) Ologun
Having Dominion
A- Awareness
G- Giving
E- Empowerment
N- Networking
T- Transformation
John 8:32, Exodus 4:12, Ps 62:11, Hebrew 10:25
You do not need to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.
D- Determination
O- Opportunities
M- Mentor ship
I- Inspiration
N- Networking
I- Influence
O- Overtaking
N- New era
To have dominion, you have to be determined. Daniel 1:8, I Samuel 17, II kings 2, Genesis 41:41.
The one who has influence is the one that controls the situation. I samuel 30:1-19
It is what you allow that will be allowed. If God will use you greatly in life, He will shake you. The best form of revenge is huge success.


Perez Araka
Kingdom entrepreneurship
Text: Matthew 13:3-8, I Corinthian 3:6
An entrepreneur is a person who creates business in the face of risks, identifies opportunities in the face of uncertainty to create solutions to problems.
To be an entrepreneur, you have to be a dreamer. Proverb 22:29
Key attributes of successful entrepreneurs
1. Diligence: hard work done consistently and correctly. Proverb 22:29
2. Creativity and innovation
3. Great saving culture and effective management. Isaiah 58:10
4. Excellence
5. Boldness
6. Discipline
7. Humility
8. Patience: a moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret.
9. Integrity. Proverb 2:20-21, Jame 5:12
10. Faithfulness. Psalm 50:14-15
11. Pray always.
Let your work be your passion and your passion your work.
Speak to business development experts
Get a business plan
Eliminate all kinds of fear
Raise funds and start off
Maintain a high level of branding and packaging.

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