71 Years & Counting: RCCG Youths Celebrates Mummy Folu Adeboye

RCCG's Pastor Mrs. Folu Adeboye

In celebration of our precious Mother-In-Isreal, seeds and youths from parts of the world gathered at the prestigious Youth Centre of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), located at Km 46, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, showing esteemed gratitude vis-a-vis sharing of the word, dance, songs ministrations, and exhortation to God Almighty.   The blessings of a mother transcend deeply into the […]

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WOW! It’s been a Decade. WE ARE 10

  PSF 10   PSF 10: An extra special generation deserves an extraordinary celebration. A stone throw into the past; precisely 10 (ten) years ago, a seed was planted, one that has withstood the test of time and its obstacles. This seed has blossomed into a continuously growing family known as THE PASTORS’ SEED FAMILY (PSF) At 10. In this […]

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  Dear Diary: Pain is said to be accompanied by anguish, discomfort and sometimes unhappiness. This entry albeit not a focus on me still emphasizes on a shared hurt from a friend’s pain, thus this is ascribed FRIENDLY PAIN. I recently reunited with an old pal, caught up on old times, sharing the sweet, sour and ugly memories during which […]

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10 Healths Benefits Of Fasting That Will Surprise You

  Starvation literally means starvation. It doesn’t mean skipping a meal or not eating for 24 hours. Or not eating for three days even. The belief that meal skipping or short-term fasting causes “starvation mode” is so completely ridiculous and absurd that it makes me want to jump out the window. –Martin Berkhan. Apart from the spiritual benefits of fasting that […]

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It’s been a while it is the end of the year work and activities are quiet much, we had a hearty communion and today I would like to share with you an entry I call JOURNEY BACK TO MY  RIGHTFUL SELF. It’s no news that as seeds, most of us; if not all,has had an encounter with God getting revelations […]

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Happy Wedding Anniversary to our Mentor/Leader

Genesis2:18 Happy Anniversary to this great couple; Leke Adeboye and his beautiful wife, Titi Adeboye. Your marriage has been a lovely inspiration to many of us, you’ve shown us what true love is. We pray that your marriage will last long in love, peace and joy unspeakable. God will always be present in your home and assignment. We celebrate today […]

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