Dear Diary:

Pain is said to be accompanied by anguish, discomfort and sometimes unhappiness. This entry albeit not a focus on me still emphasizes on a shared hurt from a friend’s pain, thus this is ascribed FRIENDLY PAIN.
I recently reunited with an old pal, caught up on old times, sharing the sweet, sour and ugly memories during which I learnt of his demons. True, we all have demons we tame daily, but some peoples’ are just wilder. There in my own little world, I believed my vices were really bad until I heard of his, and for the record, if there was a grading scale, they were worse.
So, he told me of how things got really rosy shortly after we parted years back. He got all things working really well for him. Life was good and he just couldn’t complain; too good at that because he decided to take advantage of it exploring every nooks of the package ‘Life’ until he ended up with an ailment with a death-day speedup trait. He got so careless, entangled in the tricky webs of Life. Although living, he walks around a dead man.
I share not only in his pain but also the lessons.
– Even at the peak of life, one needs to be careful and watchful for it is easier to fall than to rise.
– When you eventually fall, it still isn’t over, make efforts to rise. You become a failure when you settle in a fall.
– Despite what keeps you bound, never stop to fight. Every shackle is at a designated time subject to break. KEEP FIGHTING
– Most importantly, involve God every step of the way, stick to his word, obey totally and trust completely.

I know of His bruise today but with the right Physician, restoration is inevitable.

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