Diary of a seed (24/10/2017)

Dear Diary,
How are you? i have been very busy and i have not really got that time to reach you.
Please see through my mind today and understand my heart ache as usual for I can only confide in you than anyone else right now.
Today, during the morning prayers with other seeds in my school fellowship I noticed something unusual and off… So off I lost my concentration on what I was doing. I was so focused on her to hear any other thing being said. She seemed sick, lonely and so left out. I’d thought that she’s new in the gathering until I moved closer to her.
She also was in a distant land until I touched her and asked what was wrong?
She’d looked at me as if analyzing if she could trust me.
Her name is Gbemisola, a choreographer in our fellowship….. And she’s pregnant! Though we didn’t have much time to talk as she’d ran off after  Mumcy Mariam called me to lead the closing prayer. But I wonder still how she is and what she will do, I’ll search for her to give her my love and share God’s with her…. My prayer is I see her before she makes a big mistake… though abstinence is key but when the deed is done we are not to leave our wounded soldiers in the battle but to care for them and see that they bounce back to the faith that is the duty of every seed. I am transformed to restore
Oh! I have to go now see you later my most cherished friend!!!!!
Sleep well sweet diary and know much love from me  ?

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