Diary of a seed (26/09/2017)

Dear diary,
we have really become very close and sharing my joy and grief is something I enjoy doing with you my dear diary. Sometimes I envy my younger siblings cause they go about doing things they want to do, being who they are created to be. I know its not good to envy but I can’t help it. I always have this dream of my parents seeing me the way they see my junior one’s, seeing that I’m just a child like they are, seeing that I also have dreams and ambition. I have a dream of becoming a model, but because of who my father is, I have no support from my parents to u actualize that dream. Despite having all it takes to be a model I know it may never happen because, not all dreams come true especially when your dream is not your parent’s dream. Don’t get me wrong, I respect my parents. I only wish they respect my decision.

I’m glad I’ve got someone who understands me better than anyone would, which is my creator, and I know he’ll make a way where there seems to be no way. In him I put my trust and as long as I have him, I know I’ll be fine.

If I may ask, is it a sin to be a model? Can’t I bring Christ to this industry? Seriously am very confused!.

OK dear diary, till I talk to you again.

I would appreciate profound an answers to save me from this state of confusion.

I want to be a fashion model but my parents says it’s a no go area.

This is a cry for help

Help Me, Talk to me!!!



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  • Daniel peculiar blessing

    Rightly stated. Parents won’t let kids be who they want to be with assisting them achieve their dreams for just an unreasonable reason

  • jimoh

    hmmmm true talk

  • FEB

    Lovely writeup. Really interesting topic. In my opinion, I do not see anything wrong in being who you wanna be as long as they’re for the right reasons and not from a point of rebillion. Let me explain, as young people and in the kind of environment we find ourselves, we tend to what to rebel against our folks sometimes so they know we’re all grown up and can do as we please.

    That being said, if whatever or whoever you wanna become does not contradict who God desires for you to be. They live your dreams. Not at the expense of loosing your parents though. If you’re still under their roof and being raised by them, it might be wisdom if your slow down and seek a more convincing way to present the matter to them. Otherwise, wait till you’re “lord” of yourself, then you can live those dreams. You can take it to God in prayers too. He hears and answers all prayers.

    As ambitious as we could be too, especially in the world of fashion and entertainment, you need an extraordinarily sound mentor. Someone who is rooted in the Lord and doing the same thing you want to venture into, so you don’t fall into error. This cannot be overemphasized.

    Having said all of the above, remember that you can live your dreams and there is nothing wrong with being a model. (No nakedness though ?)

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