It’s been a while it is the end of the year work and activities are quiet much, we had a hearty communion and today I would like to share with you an entry I call JOURNEY BACK TO MY  RIGHTFUL SELF.

It’s no news that as seeds, most of us; if not all,has had an encounter with God getting revelations as to how special we are to Him. At a tender age in life; although still caught up in sin, He revealed a love scale and showed me where I lied. Experiencing such in all normal sense, one would have thought I would just drop all and cling, but much later did I realize that even as He has plans, so does the adversary and that living is a battle, life: its field and we the determinants of who wins the mini-wars.

I totally grew distant from God, slowly but surely. Entangled with the wills of the flesh accompanied with the supports of the one I thought was my friend. He motivated me to do all that was wrong manipulating all that was rightfully mine as though he gave to me. I became an enemy of God. A text says “IF GOD BE FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US”, I amongst many conclude by saying Nobody. This is Factual but not totally true. You see, I got to realize that the right answer is ME.  The devil comes and seduces us to do his will, which is always a direct violation of God’s will but the execution of these is a function of our decisions. A twist to the text above could be: If God is against us, who can be for us.

I have had my flirtation with the dark side, a doomed relationship with sin, even got bruised; still, it’s time to return home. For now I realize that when God says he loves me, the more He does, the more careful I need to be because He will never tolerate nonsense and a father chastises the child he loves.

To my God and Father, who has called me out of darkness into marvelous light, I can never fathom how much you love me, but from the little I know, I say that you for loving me and that you please never neglect me when I’m wrong. Always teach, feed and correct me; nurturing me to be that master piece you always had in mind.

And to whosoever comes across this diary; irrespective of how far you might have traveled into the world, and how bad the devil might have bruised your life, God cares and still wants you totally back for He is in love with you. Beyond that, HE IS LOVE. Wish you an happy new year in Advance.

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