Embrace IT : Your Path to Financial Freedom


In 2017

  • E-commerce was more efficient than shopping in a store.
  • Digital marketing was more efficient than the high cost of placing ads on newspaper, television, and radio airtime.
  • Social media meet-ups were very efficient for business meetings and even religious programs.



The Reality

IT is not just growing at a nano-second pace, it is becoming a platform for innovation and development.

With 60% of the world already online, the need to understand the basics cannot be overemphasized.

The smartest entrepreneurs and most successful businesses in the 21st century are those who have adopted and owned Information Technology, no wonder small companies in silicon valley are worth billions of dollars.


How have they done this?

They have simply Applied principles of Programming, Database Management, User experience and Design (UI/UX) and as well as Digital Marketing.


The way out

The PSF Media and PR Department in conjunction with LSC Academy present a one-day Seminar titled “EMBRACE IT”.

If you want to become one of the top earners of 2018, you have no excuse not to be here.


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