Negative and positive agents of transformation

An agent is one who exerts power or has the power to act through a means, medium or avenue by which a marked change in appearance or character occurs positively or negatively.An agent is tagged after the one who they are representing, any one who represents the devil and his works is an agent of darkness, One who has been redeemed from the power of darkness, and being translated into the power of light and now carries out the order of God is know has Agent of Light.


Transformation can either occur in a positive or negative way depending on the agent itself, but a true Christian is expected to be an agent of positive change. According to the scriptures, the HOLY SPIRIT serves as the instrument that brings about the transformation through an agent. “…and haven being changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the spirit of the LORD.”  (2cor 3:18)


An Agent of transformation has the opportunity to either transform others for good or bad. Fortunately, we are expected to pick the good side either through our characters, nature or words of our mouth.

Taking a look at the lives of JOSEPH in Egypt  (Genesis 40) and DANIEL in Babylon (Daniel 1), they were both seen and known as agents of transformation in their own unique way.


However, an Agent of transformation who has once being a sinner, lost his/her ways, but has being found, called and chosen by GOD to be his disciple, to evangelize, preach and win souls into the kingdom of GOD is expected to live a christ-like life, be blemish free, know and understand the word of GOD, be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT, deliver the oppressed from the power of darkness and also influence and transform people through his/her  behaviour


There are rewards for being agents of  transformation. Positive agents of transformation enjoy divine provision from God.

An example is pastor Adeboye who is a good example of an agent of positive transformation.

All the lives he has transformed, will surely be recorded in heaven and he will be blessed for that.


Negative agents of transformation on the other hand will suffer the consequences of the bad influences they’ve had in others.

An example is Jezebel who did many bad things and advised her husband to forcefully collect someone Else’s land.

Her end was definitely not palatable.


As youths, we should know that there’s nothing we do that’s without a consequence. So we should always seek to leave a positive mark, everywhere we find ourselves.

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