PSF REGION 5 Carries Out CSR


Following the PSF Worldwide theme of the year, Blessing My Generation, the RCCG Region 5 Pastors’ Seed Family on Monday, 29th May, 2017 took it upon themselves to bless the city of Port Harcourt by cleaning up one of the city’s largest, busiest and dirtiest motor park, “The Mile 3 Park”. The park which is an extension of the location’s major market was brought to a spiritual standstill as the Regional Evangelist for Region 5, Pastor Kemi Oluyele, joined the Seeds from across the Region to give the park a facelift.



On this history making occasion, the seeds were adorned in Blue shirts and Jean, as they all came willing to work and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the persons within and around the park.



The PSF Nigeria Vice President Strategy and PSF Region 5 Coordinator, Temi Williams had this to say,

“When we set out with our year plan for 2016/2017, I just felt that it was important to give back to the community. We have been talking about how to move PSF Region 5 to the next level, bring seeds together and show that we really are making an impact, and I realized that the one way to do that was through a Community Service Activity, which was what birthed the vision of the clean-up. I had a discussion with my team and we all came to a unanimous agreement to do this. As at the early stage of planning, we did not know the magnitude at which it was going to end, all we planned was to do a cleanup and an evangelism kind of thing, we never anticipated something this big…”

She further stressed that the side attractions – the raffle draw/gifts giving, drama, and praise party were not part of the initial plan but came up as time went by, courtesy of the planning committee.



“I am very grateful to God for this, I am grateful it turned out to be a good success… Though we had several challenges – the weather, sound, logistics, especially with finance, as we did not ask support from our Daddies and Mummies at the Provinces for finance; not because we were too proud to ask, but because we really wanted to give back and we wanted them to know we were serious about making an impact with minimal support. Though we knew it was going to be very tough, we levied ourselves and God made it happen for us. The entire Mile 3 Park knew people were there today… I am very grateful to God for an amazing team. The executives of PSF Region 5 are the best set of people to work with, any leader will be so grateful to have this team to work with. When you have a set of people who believe in you, who believe in your vision and run with it as if it is theirs, it is a blessing… a huge blessing that I’ll be foolish to take for granted. I am thankful also to the Regional Evangelist, Pastor. Kemi Oluyele, who graced the occasion despite getting the invitation a bit late. He joined us early, stayed with us all through, cleaned with us, danced, went around with us, stood graciously throughout the time of the raffle draw and joined us to do every single thing we did … we are thankful and very much grateful to God for the blessing of service.”

“We have already had a meeting, and our flaws have been clearly stated. Next year we will be bigger and way better. We are grateful to God for allowing us to achieve this little feat,” Temi Williams stated.

And there was Drama too !!!

The clean-up which also served as a means of evangelism started at exactly 9:15 am, was brought to a close at about 12:15 pm.


EMMANUEL, Godswill Ifi

IG & Twitter: @iam_elzwheel

Reporting from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

This is a part of our #SeedsEveryWhere Series.

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  • Jonathan David Adeboye

    I love this. I think it’s a better way of reaching out. The programs upon program, where we all wear a best, should’nt be a custom. We should go into rural areas and do some so called dirty works. Kudos guys, God bless.

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