PSF wedding as P. daniel weds Nifemi in the RCCG way

A typical Saturday in Western Nigeria is associated with Owambes (Parties); and this past one was no exception as all road on The Redemption Camp led to the prestigious RCCG, Messiah Praise Sanctuary Church (MPS) and Youth Centre where they (Nifemi and Daniel Olawande) tied the knot and the union was celebrated respectively.

The engagement was held in the beauty of the morning and the now-couple beamed with all joy as the first day into a lifetime’s journey unraveled before their eyes.

Our very own Father, Pastor E.A. Adeboye (G.O. RCCG Worldwide) blessed their union and prepared them for the journey ahead; what an assurance of greatness to come. Pastor LekeAdeboye (The Coordinator; PSF Worldwide) gave a wonderful charge (The Word) and insight into the chapter of marriage.

Families, friends and important dignitaries graced the wedding ceremony with their presence. Households such as The Pastors’ Seed Family and The RCCG, Living Seed Church aren’t just a family by words but also in action as a pool of family members were in attendance to support their two-but-now-one. Need I say that this was a PSF, LSC and MPS wedding? The Bride is a reputable person in her place of worship (RccgMPS) and the Groom is the Parish Pastor (RccgLSC).

Fashion Kings and Queens also didn’t snooze as they were all looking dapper and ravishing respectively at the reception. The Men-in-Agbada trend was so pronounced and ladies expressed their love, understanding and beauty of diverse fabrics.

A profound twist in event it was when the couple lunched their love album: IFEREPO. A song that expresses the very concept of who love is and how much God extends this to us as should we to all that is around us.

A profound acknowledgement goes to: @Teenzy_Events for event planning @Sam_Image, @Adetolani @Obembe for photography

@CrystalProtocol for the beautiful ushers

@AlagbadaIna for the Agbada Men in Blue

@BidemiOlaoba and crew for the Music

And many others that made this a success.


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