RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2018

RCCG HOLY GHOST CONGRESS 2018 Are you ready for the 2018 Holy Ghost congress: “Glory Ahead?” 5,4,3,2.., It’s almost here! The countdown to the annual Holy Ghost Congress of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has begun. It comes up on 3rd to 8th December 2018. The event themed “Glory Ahead” serves as a time of reflection in every sphere […]

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THE VOW 14/11/2017 (diary of a seed)

Dear diary, I wish i can check on you everyday but No i cant, duties will not permit. Just keep my record today, because it is a vow , so that you be a reminder when am going astray. Entry tag: #theVow I would no longer settle for false companionship. No more flirting with the notion of being the sweetest […]

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My heartcry

Oh where are my daughters? Daughters I created for myself   Where are they?    Oh where are the *Deborahs*? Courageous, bold That will go to the warfront And win the kingdom for me    Oh where are they? The *Esthers* That will save the nations on their knees Busy with wordly fashions Neglecting the inner beauty    “Daughters of […]

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Annual Youth Convention day 3

2017 Annual Youth and Young Adult Convention Day 3 Date: 4th October 2017 Ministering: Kemi Ajumobi Topic: Innovation, Invention, and creativity When you’re creative with your ideas, God will place you before countless opportunities. Your creative abilities mark you out for greatness. Proverb 8:16. When you make the Lord your anchor, He positions you for favor in places you don’t […]

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Diary of a seed (26/09/2017)

Dear diary, we have really become very close and sharing my joy and grief is something I enjoy doing with you my dear diary. Sometimes I envy my younger siblings cause they go about doing things they want to do, being who they are created to be. I know its not good to envy but I can’t help it. I […]

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Agent of transformation; Becoming change agents

The first law of thermodynamics is; energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed (transformed) from one form to another form of energy, this is because the creator our God has created all that needs to be created. For example, when a light bulb is turned on, one can say; energy is produced; however, […]

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