I am here to tell you the story of my life. If you’re looking for a Jack of all trade and a person that is never serious then you’re looking at me. Just think of anything and I must have dabbled into it before. And in the course of my dabble, I have learnt a lot of important lessons. However, the lesson of my life was taught to me by a dog..(laugh). This very day I was running and playing with a friends dog when suddenly I fell from a platform of about 6ft. Of course,  I blacked out. But just before I did, I witnessed the moment many people have spoken about. I felt my life flashed right before my eyes And if you must know the dog ran away. Most people wait for near-death experiences before they get a plan and vision for their life’s. It shouldn’t be so.

Very quickly am going to share what I call Life’s Key… These are what could determine what and where you would later be in life.
No 1- If you can Dream it you Can be it. The only limitation you have is in your head.
No 2- If you want to be a person of impact do not follow the crowd. In fact, go opposite when it’s logical to do so.
No 3- Seize Every Opportunity You get
No 4- Follow your instinct… Go with the way you feel about something. That thought, those great ideas, don’t discard them, instead work on it. Know this, great ideas don’t usually come great, they come as little nuggets of thoughts and imaginations.
No 5- Believe in Yourself!!! The major problems a lot of people face are doubt and lack of self-confidence. You should know that discouragement will come. There are going to be times and moments you will feel low and on the verge of giving up.
Don’t give up. 
Pick yourself up with each time you fall.
Only successful people get to tell their stories.
Now I want you to tell yourself something.. I Am The Right Person For My Dreams. And as long as I can Dream it, I CAN BE IT.

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