What Happened To Us?

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I know many have thought about life and been left with this same question, “what happened to us?”

A lot of people had walked out of our lives and we have had to walk out of people’s lives.

We promised ourselves everything.
We were meant to grow old together
To be best friends.
We had plans.
We had a mental mindset of a perfect ending.
But what happens to all of that???
In life, it is inevitable to make the wrong choices…
But hold on. It’s not the wrong choices or decisions you make or what had happened that defines you. It’s what you do next
Wait… let’s all take a deep breath
You can’t go back in time and take the last breath you did.
Let what happened in the past remains there.
Your past doesn’t define you.
Each second, minute and day is a fresh chapter of your life.
You choose how you want it to be.
There is always a story behind a glory.
Start writing yours Now.
What do you want to be remembered for?

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