WOW! It’s been a Decade. WE ARE 10


PSF 10


PSF 10: An extra special generation deserves an extraordinary celebration. A stone throw into the past; precisely 10 (ten) years ago, a seed was planted, one that has withstood the test of time and its obstacles. This seed has blossomed into a continuously growing family known as THE PASTORS’ SEED FAMILY (PSF) At 10.

In this era of DOMINION, this prestigious family celebrates a decade of God’s faithfulness, undying love and fulfilled promises. We are highly appreciative to Abba Father for all He has given unto us and for making us Stronger Than Our Enemies.

Every seed tagged “a child” consequently has a parent that sees to the upbringings and nurturing of such. In that light, we are very grateful to have our daddy and mummy; PASTOR E. A. AND PASTOR MRS F. A. ADEBOYE, as our spiritual parents. They have of a truth led us on the right path to follow with Christ Jesus as our foundation and Him at the center of it all.

A family in isolation is bound to be stagnant and we are all things but that, thanks to the beautiful people that surround us- our siblings in the mission, friends, well-wishers and all uncategorized.

In the last decade, we, through the aid of the Holy Spirit, have been able to work with the National Young Adults and Youth (NYAYA), thereby instilling participation in things of the kingdom and generating an ambiance of one family. In the spirit of family, we breathe and function as a unit likened unto the body of Christ thereby seeking for the success and development of every of our family members.

Granting financial support to parishes and missions, availing seeds with scholarships and job placements, planting of youth churches within the nation and activating teens & youths to get involved in kingdom related things with seeds in constant fellowship worldwide, are some of the few things we have been able to achieve.

Many a time, we have been mistaken for PROUD but it is just what it is; a mistake, for we are CONFIDENT of who we are and the future promised us in accordance to the scripture.





PSF 10

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